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Summer SEBA Dates

SEBA League & Middle School Harmodon 

SEBA League Uniform & Equipment Hand out - Week of April 22nd 

SEBA League Practices Begin- Sunday April 28th

SEBA League Games Begin - May 20th

No Games - May 27th & 28th, July 3rd & 4th

SEBA League Rain Week - July 8th

SEBA League Tournament (3rd Grade & Up) - July 15th

Harmodon League - HIGH SCHOOL ONLY Dates

Practice begins - May 19th

Games Begin - June 3rd

Tournament Week- July 22nd



- Three Weeks of Practice & Six Weeks of Games (1 Rain out week and a end of the season tournament for player pitch divisions)

- Two nights a week 

-Practice and games take place in the 5, 6 & 7 o'clock hours.

-Practice Begins

-Games begin 

-Season will wrap up right after the 4th of July

-Player pitch levels will have a Year End Tournament


What do I need For Summer Baseball??

-We ask that every player wears PLAIN GRAY BASEBALL PANTS

- Each Players needs their own  Baseball Glove

- ONLY Plastic Cleats are allowed in all divisions (Metal cleats are only allowed at Harmodon Park)

-SEBA will provide each team with an equipment bag including, team bats, team helmets, practice and game balls, & a Tee for TBALL.

- Families are welcome to purchase their own equipment for their child, please label this items

-Water bottles are highly encouraged for each player


Please feel free to use the following link to help as a volunteer coach/team manager with what you can and should be teaching and accomplishing at the different levels. 

You'll find rules, videos, print outs and more!


The creation of single age divisions provides SEBA participants an opportunity to play with schoolmates in a league setting that is appropriate for their physical, mental and emotional maturity levels. In comparison to organizations with multi-age divisions, age difference more often than not also equates to a disparity in skill, strength, and emotional maturity between an older player and a younger player. The bigger and stronger players are more often than not the older players. It is logical to assume that playing time in a multi-age divisional organization system will gravitate to the older players vs. a SEBA system where all participants are the same age. The maximization of playing time in the opinion of the Association is a key element in the overall development of participants as well as increasing the likelihood of retaining participants within the system.


Players are responsible for their own Baseball Glove and PLAIN gray baseball pants. Teams are provided with all other necessary equipment to play. Players are allowed to bring their own bats and helmets but is not required.


The locations for the age divisions will most likely be (but are subject to change):

  • T-Ball - Dunham and/or Elmwood
  • Coach Pitch Kindergarten Elmwood and/or Dunham
  • Coach Pitch 1st- Covell
  • Coach Pitch 2nd - Covell 
  • Player Pitch 3rd - Covell
  • Player Pitch 4th, 5th and 6th (Rec and Comp) - Pasley and/or Kuehn
  • Harmodon League (7th-11th) - Harmodon


All summer SEBA League participants are assigned to teams base on the school they attend, night of the week preference, and/or friend request. This allows children an opportunity to play with their schoolmates. Teams are set by the SEBA Staff.  Some divisions are set on specific nights of the week where other divisions have options. 

SEBA offers a 5 week 2nd Session of SEBA League 

 This is a rec level program for Tball, Coach Pitch, Machine Pitch and Player Pitch for 3rd - 5th/6th graders offers 2 nights a week schedule with 1 week of practice followed by 4 weeks (or approx. 8 games) of baseball. This is a great option for players to try 1 division up of baseball from their first session to prep them for next summer or for players and families that are looking for a shorter season, for 4 yr old Rookie Players to try a session of Tball, whatever your case may be, SEBA is excited to offer 2nd session.

All divisions for 2nd session practice week 1 at Covell park and will play all games at Pasley park

Scholarship Program

A scholarship program is available for developmental league participants needing financial assistance. SEBA partners with the Connecting Kids program through the Sioux Empire United Way to offer this assistance to those CURRENTLY in Kindergarten thru 8th Grade. Participants on free or reduced lunch or Medicaid will automatically receive assistance with proof of enrollment. Participants with special circumstances may also apply for a scholarship. Scholarship applications must be approved by the board. Proof of reduced or free lunch or Medicaid (card with player's name on it) is required at the time of registration. The registration fee for scholarship recipients in SEBA league varies depending on grade and can be offset by using the Scrip program. Scholarships are not available after the registration deadline.

*Must register in SEBA Office.