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Youth League Make up Night Tuesday June 25th: 

6pm game will be for Orange, Blue and Yellow

7pm game will be for Red Green and Magenta


Adult League Make up night Wednesday June 26th:

6pm game will be for Bronze, Sapphire, Lemon, Maroon and Emerald. 

7pm will be for Rose, Charcoal, Navy, Lime and Peach.


Miracle League Picnic: 

Thursday June 27th at Sertoma Park from 5:30-7pm. Open house style, come and go as you please, no formal ceremony will take place. Trophies will be available to grab for each participant.  We will be have Pizza, Cookies and Lemonade. Each Miracle League Participant plus two guest are invited. There will be no RSVP this year. If unable to attend, trophies will be available at the SEBA office during office hours after the event. 

About the Miracle League

The Miracle League of Sioux Falls provides an adaptive baseball program to many area youth and adults who may not otherwise get the opportunity to enjoy this great game. Games are played at Frank L. Boyce Miracle Field in Sioux Falls which provides a setting that is safe and appropriate for their skill levels. The Sioux Empire Baseball Association works closely with DakotAbilities and LifeScape to register players and form a schedule for these ball players. All ball players are welcome whether they are affiliated with these groups or not.

To learn more about how you can be involved with The Miracle League of Sioux Falls, please contact  the SEBA office, 605-336-3462 or

Miracle League Season

The Miracle League season runs from the Middle of May through the end of June. The Adult League play on Mondays and Wednesdays while the Youth League plays on Tuesdays and Thursdays.

Registration for the league is open from the beginning of January through the 3rd week of April.

Frank L. Boyce Miracle Field

Frank L. Boyce Miracle Field

Frank L. Boyce Miracle Field is a specialized field for adaptive baseball. It is located on the north end of Covell Lake/Terrance Park baseball complex. Following the culmination of each season, a picnic is held for all the ball players and their families.

Ball Buddy Information

The success of the Sioux Falls Miracle League requires the help of volunteer "Ball Buddies" who assist the players with playing the game of baseball. Each game night requires a group of approximately 15-20 Ball Buddies to help out with the game. Ball Buddy groups in the past have been everything from local business groups, student councils, church groups, and area baseball/softball teams.


If you are interested in volunteering to become a Ball Buddy for this great program, please contact the SEBA office, 605-336-3462 or Thank you and PLAY BALL SIOUX FALLS!

Ball Buddy Responsibilities

Ball Buddies are used primarily in the infield when the other team is batting.  They help protect players from:

             -Hit & Thrown balls

             -On-coming runners


Ball Buddies also assist players in retrieving the ball and throwing it to the appropriate base, assist players during their turn at bat and while running the bases, and facilitate player involvement (chatter, cheering for teammates, etc.)

Ball  Buddy Tips

· The focus is FUN!!!

· Like you, each player is an individual with unique interests, abilities, needs and personalities.

· You can help provide a safe play environment.

· EVERYONE needs to watch for overheating,  dehydration, and overexertion.

Sioux Falls Miracle League Game Rules

· The game is designed to ensure that everyone gets a hit, everyone gets on base and everyone scores.

· We try to limit teams to no more than 12 players, if possible.

· A safety ball (soft outer shell) is used.

· A batter can choose a pitched ball, a batting Tee or can be assisted by a Ball Buddy.

· The games will consist of three-four innings or one hour of play.