Format for Playoffs

All games between South Dakota Class 'A' Teams will count for Power Points including tournaments and doubleheaders. The Power Point Formula follows the SDHSAA. (50,47,44,41 points for Victories and 30, 33, 36 and 39 points for a Loss)

Teams are required to play a minimum of 14 games against like opponents. If they do not, they will get credited 30 points per game not played.

After the season concludes, their will be a 3 game playoff in which the high seed will host all 3 games.
Here are the matchups:
1 vs 14
2 vs 13
3 vs 12
4 vs 11
5 vs 10
6 vs 9
7 vs 8
The Host of the State Tournament will once again receive an auto-bid.