Avera/SEBA Baseball Academy

The Avera/SEBA Baseball Academy is intended for SEBA middle school (grades 6-8) and high school (grades 9-12) aged athletes who are seeking year round baseball training as well as speed, strength, and conditioning training from the Avera Sports Institute (ASI) staff.  This baseball academy was designed to provide athletes with excellent on-field baseball training for both maximum arm strength development and baseball skill development in addition to ASI training in the nationally known Avera Acceleration Program at a discounted rate!

Expert knowledge in baseball skill development with an emphasis on arm health and strength partnered with expert knowledge in training athletes to make gains in speed, agility, strength, and power! Athletes also gain full use of the Avera Sports Institute's strength and conditioning facilities during each phase. The program will feature two (2) training phases specifically designed for baseball. Call the Avera Sports Institute at 605-322-3278 to register and schedule an athlete's pre-academy evaluation.