The SEBA Hitting Program is designed to provide participants an opportunity to improve their hitting skills in an instructional environment. Participants will be instructed in all areas of hitting including: grip, stance, load, stride, weight transfer, and swing mechanics, All instruction will be age specific and geared toward the abilities and skills of each athlete. Numerous repetitions combined with proper instruction gives participants an excellent opportunity to develop as a hitter.

These hitting camps have been very popular and fill up fast, so if interested in joining please get registrations in early.



Elite, Game Ready and Pre-Season Hitting Camps

These Hitting Camps are designed for the older and/or more developed hitter. Emphasis will be centered on hitting concepts, skill work, and batting practice that helps players to feel and gain an understanding of what is going on with their swing. When this starts to happen, players are able to take ownership of their swings and really take off! Our goal is to help upper level hitters develop a high level swing that maximizes their body’s potential to hit the ball hard and make consistent hard contact. These camps will focus on developing both a strong hitting approach (Game Ready Camp) as well as swing mechanics (Elite Swing Camp).