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In partnership with the Sioux Falls Parks and Recreation Department, the Avera Sports Institute, Core Orthopedics, American Legion Baseball, USSSA Baseball, and the South Dakota High School Baseball Association.


Camps and Clinics



  Take Your Game to the Next Level !   

           SEBA Camp Philosophy   

The Sioux Empire Baseball Association Instructional Program is designed to assist youth baseball players in developing proper baseball fundamentals and techniques. Utilizing SEBA's professional and experienced baseball staff in addition to former and current high school, legion, and college coaches and players, the SEBA Instructional Program can provide participants with high level instruction as well as needed quality repetitions and training opportunities.  The Instructional Program features five (5) instructional skill programs:   Hitting Camps, Pitching Camps, Infield-Outfield Camps, Catching Camps, and the Avera/SEBA Baseball Academy (SEBA members only).

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Avera/SEBA Baseball Academy ......

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The Avera/SEBA Baseball Academy is intended for SEBA middle school and high school aged athletes who are seeking year round baseball training as well as speed, strength and conditioning training from the ASI staff. This very affordable and discounted program was designed to provide athletes with on-field baseball training for both maximum arm strength development and baseball skill development in addition to ASI training in the nationally known Avera Acceleration Program! Athletes also gain full use of the Avera Sports Institute's strength and conditioning facilities during each phase. The program in 2015-2016 will feature two (2) distinct training phases specifically designed for baseball. 


SEBA Hitting Camps...

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The SEBA Hitting Program is designed to provide participants an opportunity to improve their hitting skills in an instructional environment. Participants will be instructed in all areas of hitting including: grip, stance, load, stride, weight transfer, and swing mechanics, All instruction will be age specific and geared toward the abilities and skills of each athlete. Numerous repetitions combined with proper instruction gives participants an excellent opportunity to develop as a hitter. 

SEBA Advanced Hitting Camps... 

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These Hitting Camps are designed for the older and/or more developed hitter. Emphasis will be centered on hitting concepts, skill work, and batting practice that helps players to feel and gain an understanding of what is going on with their swing. When this happens, players are able to take ownership of their swings and really take off! Our goal is to help upper level hitters develop a high level swing that maximizes their body’s potential to hit the ball hard and make consistent hard contact. These camps will focus on developing both a strong hitting approach as well as swing mechanics.


SEBA Pitching Camps...

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Legion West vs Legion East.jpgThe SEBA Pitching Program is designed to provide participants an opportunity to develop and learn basic and advanced fundamentals of throwing and pitching in an age specific environment.  During each session, ground (non-mound) drills will be utilized to improve both arm action and overall pitching mechanics.  Upon completion of the drill work session, mound work will be provided to each participant to assist in skill and control acquisition. 

SEBA Infield-Outfield Camp... 

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camp 7.jpgThe SEBA Infield-Outfield Camp is designed to provide participants an opportunity to develop and learn basic and advanced fundamentals of both infield and outfield play in an age specific environment.  During each session, ground ball and fly ball technique drills will be utilized to improve foot and hand action mechanics. Emphasis will also focus on position specific fundamentals for both infielders and outfielders.   

SEBA Catcher's Camp...    


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The SEBA Catcher's Camp will feature five sessions that will focus on teaching the fundamentals of catching to youth 8 thru 14 years of age.  Skill work and technique explanation will include developing a balanced catching stance, receiving fundamentals, as well as blocking and throwing drills. There will also be many opportunities to catch live pitching and pitching machines.   



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